Tiger Talk S 4 E 1 – Show recorded 8/18/19 The Start of a New Holy Cross School Year


Hello Tigers, we are so happy to welcome you all back to a new school year and a new season of Tiger Talk.  This is the first show in Season 4. As you saw we have a new intro that I hope ya’ll liked and are in a new studio we built over the summer. This show is being recorded after the first week of school and covering August 19th thru August 25th.

items in the NEWS

Tiger talk info

  • We had an excellent summer. We just got back from Las Vegas….
  • Here’s a clip where Blade went indoor skydiving…..very cool stuff
  • But now we’re back and ready to get rolling with a great year. We will still be posting the show as a Podcast but plan on focusing on our video side with our YouTube channel. We hope everyone will go out and subscribe to the channel and like the videos we post
    • We want your participation more than ever so please let us know what your team or activity has going on. Scores, events or just fun stories….you can drop us a comment below, email us, IM us…or send a carrier pigeon we are open to all methods.

A Big Year ahead

  • It’s always great when we start a new year. We have so much to look forward to. We hope you’ll take the journey with us as we
  • Ride the new buses
  • Start the new football season
  • Have the 200th battle with those dirty birds
  • Follow soccer as they defend they championship
  • Cheer the basketball team as they make another run for the post season
  • And so much more……

upcoming events

  • Aug 20 7pm to 9PM
    • Back to School night
  • Aug 22 Time TBD
    • Academic Awards Ceremony
  • Aug 22 530 to 730
    • JV & Varsity football scrimmage Vs John Ehret
  • Aug 24 630pm to 8pm
    • Senior Ring Mass
  • Aug 24 830pm to 1130
    • Senior Ring Dance

And remember


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