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EXAM ALERT!! Tiger Talk year end recap next week

Good luck to all the students preparing for your exams. Tiger Talk is doing the same and with it being a study intense week we thought we would reward everyone with a year end recap show next week.

We will touch on highlights for the 2017-18 school year…. tell a few jokes (bad) and have some fun (good) If you would like to be part of the show drop us a line via email Facebook or whatever and we will get you on. (feel free to send us an audio clip)

Once again GOOD LUCK and STUDY SMART not hard.

Welcome to our new name TIGER TALK

We have updated the show name and our logo as part of our cooperation with Holy Cross administration. We are very happy to be working in conjunction with the school to bring you the same great content and information every week.

You can find us here at

or you can email us at

or on Facebook at Tiger talk

Send us your ideas thoughts or requests. We look forward to having your interaction with the show.

Fifteen Holy Cross Students Named to District Honor Choir

Twelve Holy Cross high school students and three middle school students have been named to the District Honor Choir, which will perform Sunday, Feb. 5, at 1:30 p.m. at Roussel Hall on the Loyola University campus in New Orleans.

Youth Choir:

  • William Cooling (6th)
  • Henry Herbert (7th)
  • Sebastian Walser (7th)

Senior High Choir:

  • Joseph Angelette (12th)
  • Nicholas Byland (11th)
  • Ryan DePriest (9th)
  • Eddie Falshaw (12th)
  • Brian Fink (11th)
  • Logan Puissegur (10th)
  • Trey Nickens (10th)
  • Derrick Martin (8th)
  • Robby Moser (10th)
  • Ashton Stephens (10th)
  • Justice Smith (8th)
  • Hayden Waldvogel (12th)

Congratulations to all of our District Honor Choir members!


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Turkey Takes Home the TCAC Soccer Championship


Note: Turkey pictured on the left/Ireland pictured on the right

Thank you to all of the players for participating in TCAC soccer. We had another great season! We would also like to thank Ben Oelkers for doing an excellent job controlling the games and doing any other task that he was given. Thanks Ben!

In the championship game, Ireland was defeated by Turkey with a score of 4 to 3. The final goal was scored by Ryan Borrows with 30 seconds left in the game. Congrats to Turkey for being the Champions for the 2016 TCAC Soccer season!